About us

Welcome to Lychee Flora, a sanctuary where tradition meets modernity, and where every piece of jewelry and accessories tells a story. Founded by Qiling Lin, a fervent believer in Feng Shui and a dedicated researcher of its influence on destiny, Lychee Flora is more than just a store; it's a journey towards harmony and prosperity.

Originating from China, Qiling has spent years studying the profound impact of Feng Shui on life's fortunes. With this knowledge, Lychee Flora was born - a Shopify store that specializes in handcrafted accessories, including bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. But these are not your ordinary pieces of jewelry; each is imbued with Feng Shui meanings, designed not only to adorn but to align and enhance.

In Chinese culture, accessories like the cinnabar bracelet carry significant symbols - warding off evil, ensuring peace, and cultivating the mind. At Lychee Flora, we believe that wearing the right jewelry and accessories is essential for nurturing the soul and transforming one's fate. Our adornments serve more than the purpose of complementing outfits or signifying status; they empower lives with strength and energy.

Located in China, our company operates globally, with a dedicated team working around the world. Many of our products are crafted in China and shipped directly from our warehouse. As each piece is handmade, considerable time and effort go into their creation, ensuring that what you receive is not just an accessory, but a token of positive energy and well-being.

At Lychee Flora, we are committed to offering you more than just beauty accessories. We aim to provide pieces that carry deep meanings and beneficial properties, aligning with the principles of Feng Shui to bring balance, peace, and prosperity into your life. Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation, where each piece you wear is a step closer to achieving harmony within yourself and with the world around you.

Embrace the power of tradition with Lychee Flora - where every piece is a bridge to your well-being.